Monday, September 17, 2012

Taphophile Tragics - Something does not add up

Florence and Lillian were cousins, Florence's mother (Winifred, born 1903) was the sister of Lillian's father (Samuel, born 1895). Or, at least, I think that is how it goes. Florence's story is the more straightforward, so let's start there first. She was the only child of Winifred Orr and Eric Alfred Ingoverson (born 1900). In 1938, she was on the roof of the verandah at her houme in Naremburn, when she came into contract with and energized electrical wire, and died of shock, aged 14 years. The Coroner's Report, and the New South Wales BDM records all have her down as Florence Hilda, these being also the names of two of her mother's sisters, one of whom died aged 8. So just where the 'Delmont' comes in, I have no idea.

Now Lillian is a totally different story, shrouded in mystery. Nah, not really. Just that the National Library of Australia site is down, and it holds the Trove record which shows tantalising snippets of Lily's obituary. But I have issues here. The monument says Lily died in 1931 aged 23, meaning she was born in 1908. Is my arithmetic right? The hassle is that the family trees that I can find have Lily's mother (Elsie) being born in 1901 and her father (Samuel) in 1895. I do not understand. What is more, the electoral rolls for 1930 show Samuel and Elsie living at 38 The Causeway, Enfield, yet Lillian (who would have been 22 at that stage and on the electoral roll) was not also listed.

I await the repair to the NLA site with bated breath.

Morning has broken, and still no Trove. However, thanks to Rosemary I went back to NSW BDM. There were two (2) Lillian Orrs: one born to William and Florence and the other born to Samuel and Elsie. The Lillian born to William and Florence is the one buried at Manly, making her the aunt of Florence and also the aunt of the second Lillian. Lillian (the older .. stick with me) was born in 1906 according to official records. Lillian the younger died in 1929, but must have been born AFTER 1911 which is the cut-off for birth-searches within the NSW BDM records. But still need Trove to read what that obituary says.

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Rosemary said...


Try the NSW BDM historical index . I use it as well as Ancestry.


Julie said...

Thank you, Rosemary. I am orf there now ...

Nicola Carpenter said...

Oh tantilising. I love it when you have to unravel all the bits to get to the truth.

Beneath Thy Feet

Anonymous said...

I'm always impressed by how much information you're able to find out! And the photos are lovely! :)

biebkriebels said...

You are a real Sherlock Holmes, searching for the right story. Thanks for your interesting posts.

hamilton said...

I find such 'mysteries' more frustrating than interesting. or maybe that is just the mood I am in at the moment!
I hate finding I have been on the trail of the wrong, but similarly named, family member.