Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Funerary Objet d'Art - Manly

A with so many of these symbols, I can read and read, but it still comes down to a guess. The combination of these two symbols lead me to think they are of masonic import. The Masons have an 'Order of the Eastern Star' to which both males and females can belong (with qualification). The OES does have a five-pointed star, but it is inverted which this one isn't. Each star point represents a different heroine of the Bible and degree of the Order, and each one represents a different virtue. 'Worthy Matrons' in the order are permitted to wear a crown symbol. The crown is a symbol of sovereignty, honour, glory, victory (especially over death) and the crown of Christ's righteousness. The symbolism could come from Paul's comment about winning the crown of life. However, I am open to a different interpretation.

To be found in Manly Cemetery, New South Wales, Australia

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Virginia said...

You would love to visit a cemetery with my two Cincinnati friends. Phil Nuxhall is the historian for Spring Grove Cemetery and Mary Gilbert is a docent there. You have her to thank for my numerous cemetery photos in Paris and in the US!