Monday, October 1, 2012

Taphophile Tragics # 41

Mary Jane and George have slipped their earthly shackles. Rookwood Necropolis, Sydney, New South Wales

* * * * *
Welcome to the 41st week of Taphophile Tragics.

Your contribution is most welcome. Please ensure that you include some details of the cemetery in which you took your photographs, and link directly to your post, rather than simply to your blog in general. This week, Mr Linky opens at 9:30pm Monday, Sydney time (GMT+10), and closes at 9:30pm on the Friday. When you can, please visit the other contributing bloggers to show your appreciation of their endeavours. Due to time zone variations and overcrowded schedules, some contributions are made later than Tuesday/Wednesday. As per usual, we are working with the Linky with thumbnails, and displaying the oldest entry first, with no randomising.

At the moment, there are three posts a week to this blog:
Mon - Research of an individual from the details on their headstone;
Wed - An example of funerary symbolism and its meaning; and
Fri - 'Six-Feet-Down-Under' highlighting an Australian cemetery/graveyard.
Join me if that sounds of interest.


Nicola Carpenter said...

Nice. a broken chain is supposed to simbolise a significant death in the family or a life cut short.

Beneath Thy Feet

NixBlog said...

I might be stretching the definition of "taphophile" a little with my entry today, but indulge me, Julie.

Thanks for hosting!

Julie said...

Golly, is that the symbolism of a broken chain! For the life of me, I find that hard to reconcile, Nicola. A significant death in the family, or a life cut short ... okay. Shall add it to my top drawer.

Julie said...

Not a problem, Nick. If you see its relevance, I will endeavour to follow suit. Quite a few posts, over the weeks, have stretched the meaning of taphophile.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a large broken chain like this --- very cool!