Sunday, December 25, 2011

Taphophile Tragics # 1 - Commencing Tuesday 27 December

The photograph above shows a very small part of Rookwood Cemetery which is the largest cemetery in Sydney.

Welcome to Taphophile Tragics.

As the side-bar explains, a taphophile is someone entranced, addicted even, to wandering through cemeteries and graveyards.

I envisage this meme as a historical/landscape look at cemeteries the world over. I do not envisage the meme to stretch to accommodate ghosts, the after-life, or astrological phenomena.

Do not feel restricted to a cemetery around where you live, however, please identify the cemetery, and tell us something that you liked and why. For mine, the text is as important as the image.

I think it essential that the photographs that you use, are ones that you have taken yourself and therefore are able to vouch for the copyright permission-to-use.

The 'Mr Linky' for Taphophile Tragics will be activated at 10pm Monday night, Sydney time, which is GMT +11 during summer. It will stay active until 10pm Friday Sydney time.

Create your Taphophile Tragics post to begin with. Then, come here and enter your name and the link to your post in the spaces provided. Please do not enter Mr Linky until your post is published on your own blog. Be sure that your link goes directly to your Taphophile Tragics post.

Add a link to this blog in your post, to enable others to join if they wish. It helps if you then visit the posts of other Taphophiles. If you visit them, and leave a comment, they'll know you've visited and may visit you in return. By the way, no need to comment here, at the weekly Linky post. I would much prefer you enter your own post's link, and then go read, and comment on, other contributions.

We are all tragics, so let's pull together!


freefalling said...

Taphophile, hey?
That's what we are!
Of course, I'm not quite as hard-core as you, but I do enjoy a wander around a cemetery.
In fact, all my family do - we often used to go on family outings to cemeteries.
Am I allowed to comment here yet - it's not the 27th?
Do we put our contribution on our page?
yay! I've got stacks of cemetery photos.

freefalling said...

Oh and I meant to say...that tree is fantastic - the black limbs and the shape they make.
And isn't it great - the autumn leaves and the tropical palm?

(The comment time is wrong on the stamp - coz I'm sitting here after Christmas lunch, full as a tick, and falling asleep as I type this!)

Julie said...

Ah, yes. I am working on this. I have to adjust a few things. I am sitting here, waiting until the time is ripe to go to my next 'do'.

I have to work out how that Linky thing works first. Right now, I will fix the time zone, and direct the emails to moi.

I am hoping that people will post on their own blog, and link here through Linky to each other. Skates on, Jools!!

Clytie said...

I am looking forward to this meme! I have always loved wandering around in cemeteries - though the reasons have changed since I was a teenager. So count me in - see you on Tuesday!

Jilly said...

Only discovered the word when I visited you the other day, Julie Wel I'm definitely a taphophile. Count me in. I see you want us to post and then link to you - that sounds very sensible.

I think you'll be surprised how many taphophiles there are in this world - photographers at the saem time.

Great endeavour!

bfarr said...

I plan to participate as well. Nothing more interesting than a good ol' southern (US) cemetery.

freefalling said...

Cemetery accessories?

Julie said...


Only you would think of that, Letty. Hang about, it is all a work in progress. I have just come back from the marina where the Syd-Hob fleet is preparing. They will be off in 15 mins or so, but I am not one for the start, but for the prep ...

Mark said...

What a great name! Yes i admit I am a Taphophile Tragic as well, drives the family mad to stop and wander about.
Ah Rookwood, A good chance to use one of my favourite words in the English language..necropolis!

Ann said...

Hmmmm. Don't have enough for every week but I do have a few so I'll play from time to time. I even have a skeleton, or more properly a mummy, for Letty.